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Havana Travel Tips

Advices so that you should know to travel to Havana Cuba

Hello friends. Thank you for choosing us on your trip to Cuba, Havana. Our guide is a summary of advices and minimum informations you should know befor arriving to the Havana, Cuba.

In our guid you will be able to find important and usfule advices that you will need during your arrival, transfer and stay in Havana.

The travelers, backpacker can make use of this information for preparing better planing of their trip, save time, pay less and travel more.

You will find out:

  • How to obtain an entrance Visa for Cuba (Cuban Visa)?
  • How to be able to arrive from the airport international José Martí to the City of Havana?
  • How much is a taxis, from the airport to the City Havana?
  • Where to change money, Center HavanaOld Havana
  • Where to use Master Card, to extract money.
  • Does it appraise of currency change, upgraded in CUC?.. up-to-date information.
  • Accommodations in Havana
  • Where to eat cheap, eat traditional Cuban, Cuban pizza, palates in the Havana?
  • Bike taxis, prices, security.
  • Where one can dance in the city of Havana. Casa de la Musica, Center Havana, weekly orchestra's programming?
  • A cheap option to know Havana, Buss Havana tour?
  • Visiting the Playa del Este, in Havana, to the most economic price?

  How to obtain an entrance Visa for Cuba (Cuban Visa)?

The Cuban Visa is obligatory. Getting a visa is a first step when traveling to Cuba. You can obtain visa in your origin country, through accredited travel agencies. It's also possible to get a visa in Cuban Embassy in your country. To obtain a vista you should present confirmation of reservation in some place in Cuba Havana, Varadero, Holguin etc. An easy form is obtaining reservation confirmation from your host (casa particular). For example Booking Confirmation from Sarita Rooms Havana Cuba

These confirmation are allowed and assure you to get entry visa to the country. Important: Once you obtain this official confirmation of accommodation, you should direct all your efforts to arriving to your booking destination. That's because your entrance is registered by emigration department on the airport on Cuba

 How to arrive from the international airport José Martí to the City of Havana? 

The best way is to take a taxi. This is the easiest and safest way to get from the Airport to the City of Havana . Next we will explain what’s the easiest way to take a taxi to the house:

  • All the cars in front of the airport exit are taxis. They all are safe and sure, as they work for government line. All are very safe.
  • First of all we have to tell you, that the taxis operating in the airport belong to government agency (CubaTaxis) and all are very safe and reliable.
  • Once you pass the customs control (emigration), you have only one option – doors for obligatory exit that lead to arrival area – the place which is always full of people waiting for their friends and families and travel agencies.
  • Don’t stop there and continue to walk. To the right you will see exit doors that leads to parking for taxis, Exchange office – Cadeca . Use the automatic glass doors.
  • The taxis will be all over there. They are generally new yellow cars.
  • There are people who organize the exit of the taxis
  • The Official Taxis will be always in the wait line, in the left side from where you have come out – about 15 meters away. The line of taxis is very easy to see and locate.
  • Once you’ve taken the taxi, give destination address to your taxi driver. That will be enough. You have to insist to be taken to exactly that address because many times the taxi driver goes to other houses that are far from your destination, claiming that he can’t find the address or they have a better place or that the place you have chosen is not in the safe zone.
  • While changing your money in the CADECA (Exchange offices), please obtain one bill of 5 CUC, so you’d be able to pay exact amount to the taxi driver.
  • Don’t trust anything that taxi driver tells you.
  • If taxi driver asks: how many times in Cuba?, never respond: first time.
  • You should exchange money in official exchange offices inside of the airport (CADECA)
  • All services are paid in CUC.
  • Once you have arrived to their destination in city of Havana, before paying to the driver, always revise inside the taxis that it has not been her to him some thing of importance, picture camera, wallets, passport. After the taxis return to the airport it will be very difficult to recover the misplaced objects.

 How much is a taxi from the airport to the City Havana?

The price for taxis from airport to Havana cannot be higher than 30 CUC. All the taxis. Never more than 30 CUC

Another way from the airport José Martí to the Havana city, if you are a experienced backpackers, is to leave the airport walking, always toward your right one and approximately 2.5 km you will find Avenue Bolleros, from where many peculiar taxis are for the price of  c.a. 1 CUC per person, from the traffic light of the airport, to the City of Havana. This option is only for experienced traveling backpackers.

 Where to change money CUCCenter HavanaOld Havana?

 The change of money is carried out in the official establishments of called Cadeca. These places are in several points of the city of Havana

Center Havana:

  • Street : Padre Varela between / Zanja y Salud
  • Boulevard of Center Havana, Buleval de San Rafel/ between Avenida Italia y and Aguila)

Old Havana:

  • CADECA Boulevard Obispo, this is a Special CADECA. This is the only place where you can use the card Master Card. You should always take your passport when you want to exchange more than 50 EUR and to use your Master Card.

 Few more tips for changing money:

  • Never try to exchange money in the banks. They require much more personal data for other steps and you will lose a lot of your time.
  • Always count very slowly your money in front of the official that do exchange in the establishment and when you receive your change, count it again in front of the official.
  • Working hours:
    • Monday to Saturday: from 9 am up to 5 pm
    • Sunday: from 9 am up to 12 pm

 The exchange rate is upgraded daily and it is always the same on whole Cuba 

Where to eat cheap, eat traditional Cuban, Cuban pizza, palates in the Havana?

In the Havana city, the same as in all Cuba, the Cuban food is the cheapest to buy, and you can find it in any place during your walks.

In the Havana, in almost every building, you will be able to see it, with small boards with prices and products, all in national currency.

These products are homemade. They are made in the houses, by their owners. In occasions, not all have the necessary hygiene for consumption, especially the juices.. Avoid takings homemade juices in these places.

The products offered in these establishments, all are in priced in CUP (national currency), but you will be able to also pay in CUC, keeping in mind that the equivalent of 1 CUC, is 24 CUP (national currency).

In Center Havana, the Chinese Neighborhood (Chinatown) is very popular place for the great number of offers in CUP. Here you will be able to eat Cuban food for the price of 1 CUC or 25 CUP (in these places CUC has a value of 25 CUP)

In the boulevard of Havana that is located in street corner: San Rafael and Avenue Italy (or Galiano). It leads to the Parque Central, in Old Havana, which is  very few steps to the the Capitol, here you will find the biggest number of offers to eat cheap in the Havana in CUP. In these places the prices are always shown in CUP

In the boulevard of Old HavanaBulevar de Obispo, offers of cheap food also exist, always in casa particulars. The offers in tourist places, are more expensive. 

 Restaurant Paladar  in City Havana, prices?

The Paladar: Places with a lot of tourism, in a principle with very affordable prices, but at this moment , their prices are extremely expensive, and many in many places they charge the 10 for the consumption. Attention, if you have private tourist guides in Havana, they charge a commissions for taking you to the paladar, something very normal in all Cuba.

 Transport: Bike taxis, prices, security ?

The Bike taxis: Created to solve the problem of the transport in Cuba, now they are part of our cultural identity in the Havana and the rest of Cuba.

They take you from Havana Center to Old Havana, in 5 minutes in a very special way, always laughing, and speaking of the vast history. Drivers are very nice people. This way of transport is the favorite one tired travelers in Havana.

The prices for tourist are generally all in CUC.

A journey from, Center Havana to the Capitol, Old Havana, Parque Central Hotels, Paseo del Prado, Boulevar de Obispo, Museum of the Revolution, is between 3 CUC and 5 CUC, for two people: a collection point, where you will be able to find these Biketaxi Tours Havana, for their convenience is in the corner of: San Rafael and Padre Varela in Center Havana.

Many of these biketaxis, they can give you, a improvised tour in the City, the price will be between 10 CUC and 15 CUC.

The Bike taxis, they have license to transport foreigners, in previous years it was prohibited for them, in these moment all of them can make touristic tours in the whole city of Havana.

 Where can one dance in Havana? Casa de la Musica -  Center Havana, weekly orchestra's programs.

Casa de la Musica, Center Havana, is in the corner of Neptuno and Avenue Italy.

Place preferred by the traveler in Habana who like to dance and to enjoy the live orchestra.

At these moments, has two shows a day:

  1. From the 5 pm up to 9pm o'clock. This is the best hour to enjoy this place and the price is generally between 10 and 15 CUC for person.
  2. From 10pm up to 2 am, price generally enters 10 and 15 CUC, and it depends on the orchestra.

The program of the Music House, Center Havana, is near the entrance and it is upgraded every Monday. The entrance tickets can be acquired in the box office that is to the right of the entrance door. Attention of the middleman. He can acquire the tickets for you and then resell it to you.

  A cheap option, to know Havana: Bus Havana Tours. 

This is a good way to get know most of the City of the Havana. Bus Havana tours, has a price of 10 CUC and the ticket is valid for 24h.

The travelers can, to hop on and off the bus tours, in all their official (Old Havana, Center Havana, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion, Cemetery of Colon) stops and to always use the same ticket.

The Bus Havana Tour is two floor bus, for those that prefer to take the sun of Cuba and to enjoy a walk in the Havana, for only 10 CUC, this it is its best option!

The Bus Havana Tour begins its journey in the Central Park, in front of the Hotel England, in Old Havana.

In the same place, the traveler will be able to also take the bus that takes them to the beaches - T3, the price it is 5 CUC, and it begins from 10:30 am. until the 6 pm.

Attention: never wait the last bus, from beach of the east, toward the city Havana, their last exit is at 6 pm from Playa del Este.


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